Dentistry, Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine

A.S. Degree

Communication 9 hours
  ENGL 1010 Composition I 3 hours  
  ENGL 1020 Composition II 3 hours  
  SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Comm. or other approved speech/communication course 3 hours  
Humanities and/or Fine Arts (at least one course in literature) 9 hours
Social/Behavioral Sciences 6 hours
History 6 hours
Natural Sciences 8 hours
  CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I 4 hours    
  CHEM 1120 General Chemistry II 4 hours    
Mathematics 3 hours


MATH 1830 or Higher 3 hours  
General Education Total 41 hours


Choose Two of the Following Three Sequences:

  • BIOL 1110, 1120 General Biology I and II
  • CHEM 2010, 2020 Organic Chemistry I and II
  • PHYS 2010, 2020 Non-calculus Based Physics I and II or Higher
16 hours  

General Electives

3 hours  
Area of Emphasis Total 19 hours
Pre-Health Professions Total 60 hours


Curricular Map

Semester 1 (Fall)   Semester 2 (Spring)  
English 1010: Composition I 3 English 1020: Composition II 3
Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Social/Behavioral Science 3
MATH 1830: Calculus for business/biology or higher calculus course* 3 Humanities/Fine Arts 3
CHEM 1110: General Chemistry I 4 History  3
History 3 Electives (unspecified) 3
Subtotal Semester 1 16 Subtotal Semester 2 16
Semester 3 (Fall)   Semester 4 (Spring)  
Natural Science Sequence Elective I** 4 Literature 3
Natural Science Sequence Elective I* 4 Social/Behavioral Science 3
Social/Behavioral Science 3 Natural Science Sequence Elective II** 4
Speech 3 Natural Science Sequence II** 4


Subtotal Semester 3 14 Subtotal Semester 4 14
    Total Credit Hours 60
*Students who plan to transfer to APSU should take MATH 1910: Calculus I

**Choose two of the following three sequences:
-BIOL 1110, 1120 General Biology I and II
-CHEM 2010, 2020 Organic Chemistry I and II
-PHYS 2010, 2020 Non-calculus based physics I and II or higher



Academic Focus Areas

Career and Employment Opportunities

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