Tennessee Transfer Pathway

A college degree is valuable.  So is your time and money.  With the Tennessee Transfer programs, you can begin your college studies at a community college or similar two-year program and earn an associate degree, plus rest assured your credits will transfer to a bachelor’s degree program at any public university and many private universities in Tennessee.  

The Tennessee Transfer Pathway guides you through the courses you need to help maximize your credit transfer while preparing you to transfer seamlessly to a four-year institution offering the junior/senior level courses.  However, if you transfer to a participating university before earning all the required credits for an associate degree, use the Tennessee Reverse Transfer program to earn your associate degree while completing your bachelor’s degree!  

The Tennessee Board of Regents, the University of Tennessee System, and the Tennessee Independent Colleges and Universities Association have teamed up to offer these programs to ensure you get the most from your time in a community college.

How Do The Pathways Work?

A student who completes all the courses listed for the selected major of a Transfer Pathway will be able to earn an A.A. or A.S. degree from the community college. Whenever the student transfers to a Tennessee public or private college/university, the transcript will certify that the pathway has been followed. The student is guaranteed that all the community college courses taken will be accepted at the college/university and the courses will count toward completion of the particular major. If a community college student transfers to another Tennessee community college, he or she is guaranteed that all courses transfer. Find out more about the TTPs.

If a student decides to transfer to a four-year university before completing all of the associate degree requirements, he/she may be eligible to take advantage of the Tennessee Reverse Transfer program and apply the courses taken from the university to earn the associate degree when the requirements are met.  Find out more about the Tennessee Reverse Transfer.

Important Note:

*Admission to UT, Knoxville is competitive. For UTK, the Pathways do not guarantee admission.

*Provided that all other admission criteria are met, individual TICUA institutions may require courses specific to their mission that do not result in additional time spent toward degree completion.

How do I get started with the Pathways?

See this page to get started http://www.tntransferpathway.org/find-your-pathway-now

How do I get started with the TN Reverse Transfer?

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