A. S. Degree

Communication 9 hours
  ENGL 1010 Composition I 3 hours  
  ENGL 1020 Composition II 3 hours  
  SPCH 1010 Fundamentals of Speech Comm. or other approved speech/communication course 3 hours  
Humanities and/or Fine Arts (at least one course in literature) 9 hours
*Social/Behavioral Sciences 6 hours
History 6 hours
Natural Sciences 8 hours
Mathematics 4 hours


Math 1910 Calculus I 4 hours  
General Education Total 42 hours

  MATH 1920 Calculus II 4 hours  
  MATH 2110 Calculus III 4 hours  

MATH 2010 Linear Algebra

3 hours  
  MATH 2120 Differential Equations 3 hours  

Programming Language

3 hours  
  Electives 1 hours  
Area of Emphasis Total 18 hours
Mathematics Total 60 hours

*Students who wish to pursue a concentration in actuarial science available at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga; Middle Tennessee State University; or Tennessee State University should complete Economics I & II to fulfill the requirement in social/behavioral sciences.


Curricular Map

Semester 1 (Fall)   Semester 2 (Spring)  
English 1010: Composition I 3 English 1020: Composition II 3
MATH 1910: Calculus I* 4 MATH 1920: Calculus II* 4
Humanities/Fine Arts 3 Programming language course 3 or 4
History 3 Humanities/Fine Arts 3
    History  3
Subtotal Semester 1 13 Subtotal Semester 2 16 - 17
Semester 3 (Fall)   Semester 4 (Spring)  
Literature  3 Elective (unspecified) 0 or 1
MATH 2110: Calculus III 4 MATH 2120: Differential Equations 3
Natural Science (lab) 4 Natural Science (lab) 4
Social/Behavioral Science** 3 Social/Behavioral Science** 3
Speech 3 MATH 2010: LInear/Matrix Algebra


Subtotal Semester 3 17 Subtotal Semester 4 13 - 14
    Total Credit Hours 60
*Students transferring to TTU must achieve a 'C' or better in all MATH courses listed. 
**Students who wish to pursue a concentration in actuarial science available at UTC, MTSU or TSU should take ECON 2010: Macroeconomics and ECON 2020: Microeconomics as their two Social/Behavioral General Education courses. 


Academic Focus Areas

Career and Employment Opportunities

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